Having my walk and Breakfast too!

 Me and my homegirl wanted to start walking at 5:00 in the morning. She’s expecting and I am post baby, so we both agreed it would do our bodies good. The first day was SO relaxing, the sunrise, no baby tagging along, just us girls chatting it up. After our walk we took our time and went to the salad bar at the grocery store, we sat down, and enjoyed breakfast. On the way back to my apartment, I felt refreshed, relieved, free and ready to take on the day with my 6 month old monster. lol. As I approach my door I hear my BOTH my babies in distress! I open to the door to find my frazzled boyfriend anxiously waiting my arrival with crying baby in hand! UUUGGH! Immediately, I felt bad, guilty, even irresponsible!! “I should have pumped some milk, what was I thinking just leaving?? I shouldn’t have had breakfast!!” So I took my son and nursed him back to sleep and carried on with my mommy duties, completely forgetting I agreed to let my stress drift away with the 5:30 sunrise. Up again the next day my friend and I meet up outside. I promptly explain I couldn’t be long. Of course she understood. We commenced with our walk, chatting it up once again, but I wasn’t really taking the time to enjoy it. I found myself checking my watch each block, making sure I wasn’t too far from my place, incase I had to RUN back. And of course a nice sit down breakfast was out of the question! Silly me! I skipped it! Only to return home to my baby AND sleeping boyfriend. SMH! WTH? I was tripping for nothing! You mean I could have gotten my coffee, and the fresh fruit and big ass biscuit  I’d lusted for and returned my to my home as I left it?? I told myself NEVER again! The next morning I started out with a new attitude. I told my friend we didn’t have to rush today and that we were getting breakfast! I wasn’t about to feel bad like I did the first day even if I did return home to my whining family! This is the only “me” time I really get during the day, and I needed to enjoy it and cherish it! I realized that my boys will be ok! The baby will not starve and my boyfriend is capable of calming the baby without me being around. It was new to them both, but now they’re gonna have to me having my having my walk and breakfast too!

This may sound familiar to many new mothers, especially the guilt that comes along with wanting more personal time if you really care about your child. Its hard to balance at first and it seems no one but other moms understand this need. That first day I went walking, my sons father never once said I took too long or that he needed help, It was me feeling as if I’d given myself too much freedom. Being a stay at home mother, is more work than I could have ever imagine, a blessing but work nonetheless. I feel like the father playing the role of  “bread winner”, feels entitled to the word ‘stress’ more than us moms. We understand the pressure for them to want to take care of their families and all, but our role as the caregiver and nurturer makes it easy to lose ourselves as an individual.

Share you’re thoughts on the stresses of motherhood! Have you ever felt guilty when you’ve gotten the chance to get away?


Did they say Corn Sugar!?

Don’t be fooled by the PRO-High Fructose Corn Syrup commercials!


I’m just gonna say this, don’t believe the hype! That shit is man made, and it doesn’t do the body any good!  Yea it still breaks down as sugar in your body, however corn syrup AKA “corn sugar” is extremely processed, and we all know that anything processed is NOT the best for you! Unfortunately companies are trying to get HFCS a new label as just corn sugar. But hey don’t take my word for it check out the links below…



Spill it!

Hello Ladies. I would like for my women in good relationships to share what keeps it going? Commonality? Sex? Passion? Being best friends? Also what have you and your partner learned in your currently relationship? Sacrifice? Trust? Balance? Lets share some good stuff with each other, especially for those who are in weak relationships.

Are you waiting on God?


Due to this discussion I had previously with a guy who believed that people should just wait on God, and things will be fine, vs. me sayingpeople especially women should work on self first while waiting for prince charming. I wanna hear from the ladies or men, which should you do, and why? This goes for all aspects in life as well. But before you respond I have an interesting article that you might want to check out first:


Give YOURSELF a pat on the back!!

Ladies, we can be so hard on ourselves at times, which only leads to getting in our own way, and of course stress!! My bf tells me all the time, I’m too hard on myself (he’s the same way!!lol). BUT He’s right! I DON’T give myself enough credit for my own accomplishments. I had to learn to give myself some props (proper respect) FAST…nobody else was. I would start to feel like I wasn’t doing enough, especially when I didn’t receive some type of praise. It’s like you get older and realize no one is gonna give you a gold star sticker anymore for a job well done. It had to come from me. I had to reward myself. I haven’t had it rough, but like you, I’ve had a storm or two in my life. I have every reason to be so happy about how far I’ve gotten, despite the circumstances. Not being able to recognize this, can lead to self-destructive behavior/thinking. Bottom line is, the world isn’t nice as it seemed when we were 5. People can be outright mean, we do not stand around the globe holding hands, and hell even people close to u wanna see you fail, or find it hard to believe you’re still going strong when you’ve been dealt a bad one. But none of that matters when YOU feel good about your accomplishments. We’ve got to give ourselves props no matter how big or small. So tell me can you relate? Are you guilty of being WAAAAYY to hard on yourself? When’s the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back????

Hello world!

Welcome to Conscious Daughters! This blog is intended to open up more important dialog and help enlighten the minds of the modern-day black women. We’re about respecting each other for a stronger community. We are the rock ladies, we set the standard for our men and our families. Lets help uplift each other and share our stories and opinions, instead of perpetuating these negative stereotypes, especially those that divide us. We have a long way to go, but together we maybe able to change the whole dynamic of our communities! I want to emphasize that this blog does NOT exclude women of other ethnicity’s or even men. Lots of issues need to be addressed primarily among black women, but we highly encourage and appreciate everyone’s perspective. Thank you!

Peace and Love


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