Give YOURSELF a pat on the back!!

Ladies, we can be so hard on ourselves at times, which only leads to getting in our own way, and of course stress!! My bf tells me all the time, I’m too hard on myself (he’s the same way!!lol). BUT He’s right! I DON’T give myself enough credit for my own accomplishments. I had to learn to give myself some props (proper respect) FAST…nobody else was. I would start to feel like I wasn’t doing enough, especially when I didn’t receive some type of praise. It’s like you get older and realize no one is gonna give you a gold star sticker anymore for a job well done. It had to come from me. I had to reward myself. I haven’t had it rough, but like you, I’ve had a storm or two in my life. I have every reason to be so happy about how far I’ve gotten, despite the circumstances. Not being able to recognize this, can lead to self-destructive behavior/thinking. Bottom line is, the world isn’t nice as it seemed when we were 5. People can be outright mean, we do not stand around the globe holding hands, and hell even people close to u wanna see you fail, or find it hard to believe you’re still going strong when you’ve been dealt a bad one. But none of that matters when YOU feel good about your accomplishments. We’ve got to give ourselves props no matter how big or small. So tell me can you relate? Are you guilty of being WAAAAYY to hard on yourself? When’s the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back????


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