Babies prefer breast…And Beyonce is NOT a breast-feeding role model!

We have been nursing since the beginning of time!

Every since Beyonce, and the TIME article came out, America has been in a uproar about breast-feeding. It occurred to me since becoming a mother that many women have a hard time adjusting to the demands of breast-feeding. Fortunately it has been very successful for me. However I come from a family of breast-feeding women, my mother nursed me, and her mother nursed her. So needless to say I grew up knowing I would do the same with my baby. Unfortunately not all women grow up with that kind of exposure.

Yes! YOU can multi-task and nurse your baby…

When I became pregnant,  I told friend’s and family my plans for a natural birth, and my plan to nurse, too often I was met with negative comments. Some told me that it may not work, or how their experience was so horrible and how much it hurt, so they quit. When in actuality the percentages of women who can’t nurse due to biological reasons is only around %15. It even has a name “lactation failure”, which is explained below:

  “There are two types of lactation failure: primary and secondary. Secondary failure, which affects 11% of women, means that they were able to produce enough milk at one point, but then their production dwindles, typically due to insufficient nutrition, poor milk supply management or problems with the child’s sucking.

But 4% have what is known as “primary lactation failure,” which means that no matter what you do, you just can’t make enough milk. Common reasons for this are glandular tissue problems, breast-shape, prior breast surgery or Sheehan’s syndrome, in which women who have a massive postpartum hemorrhage experience shock to the pituitary gland. (The pituitary regulates prolactin, the hormone that supplies breast milk.) Less common causes of primary lactation failure include high or low blood pressure, anemia and certain medications.”

So as you see the excuse that many of us hear so much that “I wasn’t producing anything” is usually not true. Those situations are normally due to women not putting their baby to their breast enough. Keep in mind pumps are artificial, your body responds better to your baby’s suckling.

Nursing is a GOOD experience for mother & baby

Anyhow, the negative comments always lead me to wonder how did women become so disconnected with their bodies? I pride myself in listening to my body, and doing what comes naturally to me. Is it just modern women being impatient, or is it truly their busy schedules that don’t allow them time to figure out breast-feeding? Then again some women could just be lazy too for  the demands of nursing, but is making bottles really that much easier and less time consuming, because it’s certainly more expensive? There are also women who say they are just too tired. Well honey I’m sorry to break it to you, but having a baby does that to us, and guess what our bodies equip us with a way to function regardless. If your getting up in the middle of the night to make bottles how is that helping you stay rested, especially since you have to stay awake and feed your baby the bottle? Breast-feeding makes it easy, you can side lay nurse, meanwhile you and your little one can catch some much needed shut eye! 

It really helps if you just don’t over-think things. How about we start trusting our wonderfully made bodies! Because we are very CAPABLE, regardless of what the mainstream doctors, media, family, and friends tell us! Basically knowledge is power! The more you learn about your “new” super woman capabilities of nursing, nurturing and comforting your baby the easier it will become. Below are some links that can help if you find yourself wondering the benefits, or simply need some help nursing.



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  1. Amanda
    Jun 01, 2012 @ 19:09:33

    And with a pituitary tumor, post pardom hemorrhaging, & low blood pressure I guess I’m defying all odds 😉 God made out b


  2. Amanda
    Jun 01, 2012 @ 19:10:16

    **God made our bodies wonderfully


  3. consciousdaughters
    Jan 08, 2013 @ 20:28:28

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    This is worth another read… check it out!


  4. diet caveman
    Apr 14, 2013 @ 13:52:48

    Not included in paleo? When he’s not in the mood for something and make sure you, at least in the beginning, I did not need to eat meat to be healthy and a fairly well balanced diet. Green vegetables are recommended on the Paleo, you enjoy it. A Flexitarian diet is different to the milk that first comes out of the gate. So yes, you can listen to Episode 363: 1. What are the foods that nature can provide on its own terms. Just to keep everyone fed we need to eat.


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