It’s just F-ing HAIR!…a rant

Ok, so I was gonna wait till we did our hair article, but I gotta touch on this, and the time seems right considering this Please don’t get me wrong! I love that Glenford Nunez took the time to pay homage to the beauty of black women and our crowns. And he is right, there hasn’t been a fashion like spread of natural hair…..the has been recognized by mainstream media…ok just gonna say it…by non-black folks. I can appreciate his art and this is nothing against the photographer personally, BUT, this is not a fad. This is black hair! Has been forever! Its dense, it curls, it can be wild or tamed. NO u can NOT touch it!  I just wish the world would stop looking at black women like were on Nat Geo all the time. Like some kind of wild caged animal! This is not news, we are beautiful, our hair is beautiful and unique for each women. Have you heard of the 70’s? This can’t be the first time you’ve seen a fro! Im not mad at Mr. Nunez, I’m mad at the hype. At one point you couldn’t go into a corporate office and sport a natural style! And why was that? Is it our fault ladies? Have most of us been so dizzy, and strayed so far way from our roots, that we haven’t represented our culture properly? Wait… don’t answer that!


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  1. kesha
    Jun 01, 2012 @ 18:01:59

    I honestly think we were brainwashed for years…from the beginning when slaves were brought here they were told basically everything they once did would not be same….whites were intimidated by our BIG HAIR and didn’t want that… my parents still get a lil tense when i wear my fro out in public, saying that we was once told not to wear our hair like that to work…and many blacks got fired over their hair,
    or being told by other black women …..”you need a perm on them naps or get a brush”….we kind of hurt ourselves acting that way… now that more black women are doing it together there calling it a movement and group… some putting perm vs natural wars… all I know is once I did my own research and seen how much damage I was actually doing with the chemicals in perms, I was done for good.. when blacks stay together it’s a movement, and when we fall apart its one black girl sure got nappy hair…. people are scared to stand up anymore and wait on others to move first most of the time.


  2. Amanda
    Jun 01, 2012 @ 23:33:03

    I think the pics are beautiful. But I do see the over emphasis on it. As a white woman with fine hair I didn’t go through this, but my son’s hair is very kinky. I’d be defensive if anyone told myself or him he didn’t have “good hair”. He’s perfect as is. I think the best way to bring each other up is to concentrate on the beauty within. That’s what really matters.


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