What about your friends??

Black women and friendship…

Ladies, I guess it’s been on my mind to write about true friendship. I’ve been blessed to have 10-23 year long friendships with my bests. And lucky enough to befriend more along the way, but really it doesn’t take both hands to even keep up with them. When all other attempted relationships fail, or fall short those are the girls who remain the same. You can trust them you know? Needless to say we need their support. The honesty, truth, unconditional tolerance, laughter, forgiveness. These friendships should be easy ladies. Nothing forced, no surprises, no questioning of loyalty. Are friendships ARE more important that our relationships with men. We should never feel like we have to front, or even be cute for our friends. Thats why besties are great, because we can be real, more real than we can be with these boys. Friendship allows us to be raw, and uncut, we should be able to let down ALL our guards. We shouldn’t have to worry about the “group” talking about susie when susie aint there. We should be a force, helping each other become the Queens we see in each other. I love this song where Kelis says”if you see something in me, it probably a reflection of something you already are”. So, ladies help your besties shine! Failed friendships between black women( and probably women in general), can often be attributed to an inkling of envy. Yes, even a tiny thing as to something your man does for you, or maybe as simple as you having good hair. Shoot, It could be ANYTHING.lol. BUT thats not what we need, I’m sure we’d all have tons of friends had we not felt someone had ulterior motives. Bottom line? I think we should spend less time putting down each other, and more time helping each other reach our life goals. Ladies let’s talk!


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