Basketball Ball CHICKS / Love? and Hip Hop??…

First of all, If this is love OR hip hop I don’t want it! It’s one thing for these women to make themselves look foolish, but like it or not, these are the images of black women the WORLD is seeing! And what a humiliating perception it is! There are so many other ways to make money while setting an example for black women. I think it goes to show just how far we’ve left the whole notion of “raising the village” behind. We are supposed to be accountable for each other, especially our children. The woman IS the heart of the black community, but no longer are we setting the standard for one another, and furthermore our men. Even if it’s NOT their intention, they ARE role models! These women need to take responsibility for their actions because young people are watching and admiring them and some may not know better. Honestly, I’d really like to hear a male perspective on this topic, because I definitely don’t want my son with someone so inundated with so much drama and pettiness.
The bottom line is that perception goes beyond just being reality television. And furthermore this is not my reality in the least bit…well maybe in high school, but not as a grown woman! Ladies we have to wake up and stop being distracted by this mess. We need to be more concerned with what is in our foods, what’s going on in the news, your child’s school work, and what the hell is really going on in your very own home. If this is supposed to be the age of technology/information, why does it seem like the media is dumbing us down?


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  1. Aesha Kiee
    Jun 03, 2012 @ 01:24:45

    Honestly all these shows are a “shit show”. Yes embarrassing they are! Yet instill most of us are drawn to watch it because it’s a train wreck!
    I am a smart and aware sista but I watch the fuckery! The problem is when uneducated young black watch it and glorify it thinking that is the way to be! It’s just like the song (can’t think of the name) that niki minaj sings talkin about shes not paying her rent…??? Excuse me madam but all these young kids take what you are saying literally and they will not pay their rent because they think you don’t! It’s sad!
    The sad thing is we have not had positive black shows that are popular since the Cosby show and a different world!


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