Ok, so, I don’t know about other new mommy’s, but my sex drive has gone through the roof! And not only that, I feel more sexy than I did before having my baby. See, I was always under the impression that after having a baby,  you have less of a desire to have sex, especially us women. With the demands of parenthood, it was logical to think that sex goes all the way to the bottom of the to-do list. With that in mind, I totally expected that my man and I would have to re-light the flame, hoping that there were still some hot coals underneath a few ashes. Luckily that was not the case and the fire was still going! I felt a major spike even during pregnancy! Upon doing some research I found more stats on decreased sex drive, but tons of threads exclaiming the contrary. I have my theory though. It goes without saying that our hormones play a big part, as they are regulating, but maybe its to ensure that we continue to reproduce. Its easy to get pregnant immediately after having a child and that has to be attributed to the need to populate, or else women wouldn’t be able to bounce back (cough cough lol) as fast……. Any-who now that I’ve given you TMI about me, please share your experience. Has your sex drive changed for better or worse after having your first child? Has your partner been responsive to the change?


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