Baby Gotta Eat…

Does this picture make YOU uncomfortable?

Recently These two women above were in the media, due to pictures of them nursing while in their military uniform. When I saw the controversial picture I personally couldn’t understand why anyone cares how, women nurse their young. So what if they were in uniform or lingerie!? In America I think media/society has totally over-sexualized breast to the point where women are looked at side ways when it comes time to nurse their babies.

     However I think nursing in public has something to do with your comfort zone. Personally after being butt naked in front of 8 women (2 sister’s, cousin, mother in law, 2 midwives, douala, and a midwife assistant)  while I labored and delivered my daughter, I no longer care about nudity. Through that experience alone, it taught me  that you gotta do what you gotta do to get the job done OKAY! Back to YOU though, how does/did nursing in front of people make you feel? Did you prefer a nursing cover, blanket, or nothing?


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  1. Jamey
    Jun 10, 2012 @ 23:45:10

    I stopped breast feeding my son a month and a half ago for several medical reasons. I am very proud that I was able to nurse him without any formula for his first 8 months. I had several bad experiences while breast feeding in public places to include a government building. It makes me angry to look back at the times that people have given me disapproving looks at the site of me nursing. The only thing more hurtful is to have people close to you express their desire for you and all nursing mothers to cover up or go somewhere out of site instead of staying in a public setting. I have had two woman express their outrage of a woman nursing in front of their spouses. It never occurred to me that I could tempt someone’s man or even make him feel uncomfortable at the sight of me nursing my infant. My only desire was to feed my child; something I am not doing in a bathroom! I discovered that when traveling through various US airports, utilizing government offices, going out to dinner or a movie and shopping around town there are rarely clean, safe places to nurse. Common sense should convey that feeding my hungry child in these places is a need not a sexual act or act of lactation rebellion.
    I didn’t care who saw me nursing my son. I was not sitting in the most conspicuous spot with both breast exposed. Still I found myself in most instances attempting to cover my son and any exposed breast without cause him to have to re-breath his air. This was not done because I was embarrassed or ashamed but it was done to satisfy a few individuals in my family. I often wish I had not fallen to their pressure but I did so out of misguided respect.
    I could go on all day but I am writing this post from my cell phone so please excuse the numerous errors.


    • consciousdaughters
      Jun 10, 2012 @ 23:55:58

      First off, good for you, for sticking with it as long as it was possible for you! 👏
      In public I use a nursing cover as well, except one time where it was way too hot in the store to do so. However my shirt was flowy enough to cover my breast and leave face & head out. It was actually way more comfortable! I was sitting by the fitting room, so as women walked pass they looked, but I never saw a bad or negative look/stare. I couldn’t imagine being looked at crazy for feeding my child. I get funny questions from my family like “Are you still nursing her”? I just laugh and say yes. I think if people were more supportive of women feeding their babies the normal way, pictures like these wouldn’t be so “controversial”… Ya know?


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