12 hour Diapers?

Pampers baby dry… for how long?

What kind of Diapers should I buy? That has been a question amongst my mommy friends and I. When Vida was a newborn I cloth diapered her, until she was around four months old. So when she out grew her cloth diapers, I went to Target to purchase disposable diapers. It took me literally thirty minutes to figure out which diapers to purchase! I was very confused, Hell I felt like was looking at a Apple Bee’s menu, you know there’s a lot on the menu, yet there is really nothing you want to order? One brand had plenty of diapers, but not the right size, then another was more “pure & natural” but Not enough diapers… ughhh I was completely annoyed.

While deciding on a pamper choice, I noticed some were labeled “12 hours dry”… which got me thinking who actually lets their baby sit in a wet diaper that long?? Ok I notice the bunny is asleep, so are these only for sleeping? So should I look for day time diapers? This has got to be the gimmick to get parents to buy them, because surely they wouldn’t let a diaper get THAT full…………would they??

Now if you have used cloth diapers you know you change you baby every one to two hours, just depends on how quick your baby wets their diaper. But with these disposable diapers there is this magic gel and fibers in them that supposedly keep the baby dry for twelve hours and just in case the squishy gel stuff  or the smell of urine doesn’t give away  whether your child is wet or not some have a fancy blue line that indicates wetness! How wonderful right?

Not so much… you see I still change my daughter every one to two hours. And if I wait for  two hours her diaper is wet enough generally that her butt is damp. And that doesn’t mean her diaper was even full of urine just enough. So instead of gaging wether or not to change her diaper from the 12 hours shown on the box, I figure I wouldn’t want to wear a mildly to wet soppy diaper for past 1- 2 hours, why would Vida want to? I refuse to have anyone have to tell me to change her diaper except my husband, Auntie, or her Nana. And you mothers and fathers should feel the same way. As I sit here typing this, I recall seeing other people’s babies,kids running around,lounging, and on social networking sites with a pissy diaper on, and I always think “CHANGE YA BABY’S DIAPER!”… Uggghhh

The argument could be that diapers are expensive, this is true, we all want to get the most use out of one. Good point. But that  reason is not valid when it comes to your babies comfort and moreover the health of their skin. If this is your situation just use cloth diapers! They are easy to use, and even easier on our planet. If you don’t know how, or never even heard of them Conscious Daughters is here to educate you. A GIFT TO YOU I absolutely loved the newborn kit, plus it was extremely cute to see Vida wiggle in those diapers.


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  1. Amanda
    Jun 12, 2012 @ 16:56:39

    Interesting point. Crazy marketers… Likely they are not mothers. We cloth diaper. My baby’s XS dipes are on loan and we are blessed for that. But after newborn sizes you can purchase one size to grow with your baby. Talk about a cost saver! And there’s always dipes on Craig’s list so you can really curb your carbon footprint, not to mention your major expenditures in the early years! But even if these do work, Nora you are right, they would be heavy and still damp. What a great marketing ploy though *cues ad for diaper cream* because if your baby has sensitive skin this would be a nightmare. Those special materials that absorb so much are harsh. With cloth dipes you shouldn’t need a cream. And even if the cloth could layer with extra absorbent hemp and other materials I can’t imagine leaving my baby or toddler in a diaper for 12 hours. Like so many other things these days, if you don’t have the time to care for a child you should think long and hard before deciding to have them.


    • consciousdaughters
      Jun 12, 2012 @ 20:27:15

      Exactly! The best thing for a raw butt or rash, is breast milk, sun light, fresh air, or aquaphor. Its important that our babies bottoms get aired out! Dark moist places are prime places for bacteria to grow, so leaving a diaper on after two hours or after it has been soiled is long enough. Let me add I loved cloth diapering Vida! I still do from time to time, and its great having them on hand when we run low on throw away diapers.


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