Just Don’t Call It A Fad…

And it’s so much more than a trend!!! Recently, I too shared my Solange moment/rant in my post ” it’s just f-ing hair“, and I can’t help but to still feel that way!  BUT like Solange, both Nora and I were sporting our natural hair WAY before this new found popularity, and to be honest the motivation was simply because our hair was damaged. It was not to make some profound self-realization, new liberation type statement….or so we thought. After reading all the hype lately, I realized that just because I didn’t set out to make a statement, does not mean I have not made a statement. So even though I’m over it and it’s annoying to get questions about my hair, it just maybe my responsibility as a black woman to educated the next black woman and even the world about our beauty. At the end of the day, its really about embracing your own natural beauty and we all need to be reminded of that every once in awhile, because with that brings power and change.


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  1. hollyswagg1@gmail.com
    Jun 12, 2012 @ 23:27:59

    I agree with you both! It’s just fn’ hair. I must admit its freeing to just let it go. This is the best I’ve felt about myself & my hair. Keep spreading the word ladies!


  2. Angel
    Jun 13, 2012 @ 10:13:09

    It IS just hair… thats why i can cut 8 years of locs and go to a razor fade with waves when I felt like it… but…. Seeing that I havent had a relaxer since 1997 and never intend on doing it again, its NOT just hair to me… no, Im not part of the NATURAL HAIR POLICE… though I am in a Natural Hair Sorority and a very active member… I just love being natural and love natural hair in general… But will and have helped relax a head or too, just to make sure that person with that said relaxer keeps a healthy head… I love cloud that grows from my head and appreciate the differences in everyone elses natural tresses… But my hair doesnt define me, although people that look at me and have questions try and put me in a box… I love the hair questions… Though I hate the assumptions that I can sing, dance, write poetry, blog,… whatever (though I do all those things… lol) and hate the assumption that I must be a member of DST because my hair makes me fit in better than my sorority AKA??? I hate being put in a box… there are lots of us not relaxed sorors out there…. I dont think its a fad… natural hair has always been around… I got relaxed at the age of 13 after my mother begged me to reconsider and when I didnt she took it upon herself to maintain my hair… I love just being me and hey… if the questions come about, they just come… I can talk for days lol…


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