history of black midwives

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What is a doula?

What is a doula?.

“There is no Orisha (deity) like Mother, it is mother that is worthy to be praised.”


We are what we think



Achieving SUCCESS!

Achieving SUCCESS!

This is how I feel… Life is too short to be scared of the risks!


Do you know your LOVE LANGUAGE?

I found this site after feeling a little unappreciated by my love (hey, it happens after 9 years lol and plus relationships can always use some assessment). After taking the quiz, it immediately made me feel like a fool and a spoiled brat! lol. I thought it was cute and very informative. We found out somethings about each other that we never realized, which was, just because someone isn’t showing you love the exact way you want to be shown, doesn’t mean that ***they don’t love you. Also, that there are many ways to express love. Man, I knew I was blessed, but after taking the quiz I realized I am beyond blessed in love!

Love Languages focuses on 5 different ways in which people express their love and gratitude for their significant other or anyone for that matter. For example, ladies, just because your man didn’t buy you the perfect gift for your birthday, but wants to get physical, doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you or appreciate you, it just means ‘touching’ is one way he may prefer to show his love.

You can’t receive what you want, unless you know what you want and how to communicate it. Don’t leave someone guessing, only to fail time and time again. Recognizing the different Love Languages and communicating them to your partner can help you understand each other better and even give your relationship a extra boost!

Wanna know your Love Language??? TAKE THE QUIZ!

***This post is for those in a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP. SO, if RayRay is dissing you, abusing you, not fulfilling your basic needs in a relationship, let alone not showing you ANY of these love languages, then thats a whole other post, and this quiz may not be able to fix that. IJS.

About That Life!


If you have found yourself wondering why Conscious Daughters has been slow to post lately… well we have been dream chasing! We have come across an awesome opportunity, that we will further discuss soon. However until then if you are a new mother or soon to be, and are located in Kansas City Mo. then  check out Uzazi Village . Don’t forget to check us out on FaceBook, where you can see links we post, and discussions on those posts! Thank you!

Mom Allegedly Whips Son To Death Because He Wet Himself Inside Car

OMG! When is it ever this serious???

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