About Us


Thanks for taking the time to view our blog. My name is Jewel. I am a new mommy, and being a black mother I feel more compelled than ever to shed light on how black women are being misrepresented and misguided. Conscious Daughters wants to stress how important it is to be your own advocate and to take more responsibility in your life. We want to promote free-thinking so as to stop letting others, society, the government, your family and friends, etc etc decide your  health and over all well being. We (black women) need to remember how powerful we are and exercise that power, therefore reclaiming our minds, and bodies thus renewing our spirits.


Hi! I am Nora, and I have co-created this blog with Jewel. I wanted to do this blog because I am passionate about staying healthy, I march to the beat of my own drum, and I think many others should do the same! I currently am a stay at home mama (SAHM) and I enjoy every moment of it. This is actually our second blog endeavor. We started on Face Book a couple  years ago with a group called “Black women united”. Jewel and I enjoyed it a lot, however life got a hold of us and we stopped posting. Now we both have the time to collaborate again, and we hope to enlighten you, stimulate some non-judgmental conversation, and inspire you to look outside the box.


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