Public school indoctrination

This video was brought to my attention, and it is a MUST watch! If you care anything about your child’s education please don’t skip over this. I am glad this video came up, it is a excellent precursor to an awesome post coming very soon about higher education. The girl in the video was very brave for her speech, and I’m sure the faculty did not see it coming. After watching please feel free to respond. Do you believe public education is doing its job, to the best of its abilities? Or do you believe we have a old broken down education system that seriously needs a MAJOR makeover for the present and coming generations, why or why not?


Great article! And much needed in our community.

Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere, Inc. (ROSE) seeks to enhance, encourage, support, and promote breastfeeding throughout the USA, by working to reduce the breastfeeding disparities among African American women. We also seek to strengthen the health of their families through, mentoring, breastfeeding support groups, social support, outreach, education, health policies and social marketing. ROSE works with national groups to strengthen local groups that serve African Americans who breastfeed.

It is our understanding that a storm is brewing in the lactation community among International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) and the several other lactation certifying organizations to gain the title of grand matron of the breastfeeding world. The African American community needs all the breastfeeding management assistance we can get in order to overcome the breastfeeding disparities in our community. ROSE is grateful for the work that you all do. We understand that breastfeeding promotion is not enough. To be successful, mothers may need hours of skilled help that is provided when needed…

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Don’t be stupid, that’s not cute…

Ignorance is not bliss, it’s ignorance, stupid and ugly. Educate yourselves and stop being dependent on others to do so. Learn YOUR truths and don’t doubt them. Let your gut be your guide, whatever you feel is right or good is exactly that! Good day.


history of black midwives

Click—–>>>>history of black midwives.

What is a doula?

What is a doula?.

“There is no Orisha (deity) like Mother, it is mother that is worthy to be praised.”


We are what we think



Achieving SUCCESS!

Achieving SUCCESS!

This is how I feel… Life is too short to be scared of the risks!


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