Blaaack Peeoppllle!

Hi there!
Ok, so, I’m getting my cardio in, I’m sweating good, heart rate up, feeling my endorphins flow, when a family member walks by and says to me “gonna have to take more than that!” BRICK MUTHFUCKIN WALL! Lol. WHY ARE WE SO NEGATIVE AND CONDESCENDING TO ONE ANOTHER!?!! I’m not mad at all and I can sometimes be sensitive, but since my birthday I vowed to myself to do what makes ME happy EVERYDAY and not worry about anybody’s opinion. But you never know how words can help or hurt someone. My only issue is i see this a lot in the black household, we tend to discourage more than encourage. We tend to, for lack of better cliches…hate….instead of congratulate! lol, Luckily I’m super happy with my body seeing as tho I had a child not too long ago, I got some places to go and sexy dresses to buy. So yeah im working on me, So then I beg to ask….what is your excuse for a pop belly? oh and not to mention the array of medication that sits beside your bed? See, my motivation is a healthy active LIFESTYLE. I don’t want to be and I will not be a women who has to take a cocktail of man made drugs. Worrying about other people mostly likely got you right where you are! Look, all I’m saying is don’t kill my vibe, I don’t wanna end up looking like…THAT, it’s clear our family has a history, walk on by, I’m not worried about you, enlighten yourself, miss me with it all…sips fresh juice still on my high!





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